Wednesday, May 22, 2013

High Five

I volunteer at my daughter's school every once in a while if I can make it work in my schedule.  I enjoy it quite a bit because I get a glimpse of her school life and see her in her element.

This morning, I went again and this sweet classmate of my daughter says,
"Hi Yuki's mom!" which she always does.
"Hi sweetie." Says I, like always.

 Later, she sees me again and says,
 "Wait, are you Yuki's mom or..." and I say,
 "Yes, I'm Yuki's mom."

Then she smiles and says,
 "My mom always mixes you up with Sophia's mom."

Sophia's mom is also Asian. But she doesn't look anything like me, of course.
Given that she is a sweet child and this is her mom confusing us and not her, I just said,
"Oh yeah?"

Then my daughter chimes in and says, "Is it the hair?"
to which the girl replies "Yeah, I think so."

I am pretty certain the hair is not why the mom confused us, but I wanted to high five my kid for not going to the race assumption and then this girl for agreeing.

When people make such remarks I always have to stop and think before I react to see if it's a generalized race thing or they are actually onto something. I am proud of myself for not saying "tell your mommy, 'no, that's the other Asian.'" So high five to me too.

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  1. Oh, you *are* good. I totally would have said, "It's the other Asian." Because apparently I am seven years old and a big fan of passive aggression.


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