Sunday, April 3, 2011

And Sometimes, It's OK

There was a memorial event in Seattle for Japan the weekend after the quake happened. People gathered by the Kobe Bell--a large Buddhist temple bell that was gifted by the City of Kobe (the sister city to Seattle) after Kobe experienced a large quake that killed 5,000 people in the '90s. There were several government officials, including the Consulate General of Japan who explained the extent of the devastation and calling to people that we must help our friends in Japan. There was a Buddhist monk who gave a prayer, places to send messages to the survivors, and places to donate funds. It was a quiet and moving event--and it was helpful.

I went to this with my Japanese friend and as we stood there, listening, I noticed three mismatched chopsticks in her bag--in a pocket where you might put pens. I stared at them for a second and uttered,

"Chopsticks....FOR. YOUR. HAIR???"

She looked at me in fear and said, "....uh, oh."

I elbowed her and we giggled. And it was all right. It gave us a break from tearing up.

So, there is that.

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