Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is Where He Is Now

Do you remember Tommy Lee Jones? The actor from The Fugitive who hit so big, he proceeded to be in EVERY film for about 3 years after that? Well, if you are worried about his career now, you can stop. He has been making a mint in Japan doing commercials for Boss canned coffee for years now. Japanese commercials are notoriously nonsensical and most of the time, the product has nothing to do with the content of the commercial.

In this series, Jones is playing a space alien named...Jones and he is put on this earth to research humans by taking on a variety of occupations. When it starts, it always says, "Space Ailen Jones, Earth Research Team." And at the end, he always has something wise to say.

What's funny about this series is that although he is researching the Earth, everything he does is very specific to Japan and is actually a great way to show the culture through various occupations. Here is a compilation of some of the funniest ones. Please to enjoy:

Bonus commercial: This is what Ken Watanabe (of The Last Samurai and Batman Begins) is doing lately. To set it up, he is playing a phone. I guess this is what an Academy Awards nominee does.


  1. For reals? Canned coffee? Have you tried it? Did it make that sound?

  2. I drinks it all the times. In Japan and here because the Japanese grocery store carries a bunch of it. It's dee-lish. The over-loud gulping sound is conspicuously absent, however.



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